Opening and Closing Pools & Spas


Basic Pool Opening I/G & A/G
**Customer removes cover** $199.00
Remove plugs and foam, install jets, baskets, light, ladder, equipment plugs, light heater pilot, start system.
I/G Deluxe Opening   $355.00
A/G Deluxe Opening   $295.00
Same as basic plus lower water, Pump off and remove cover, empty water bags, clean cover and bags and shock pool.  
**Extra cost to use a cleaner and deodorizer on cover and bags. $45.00
Spa Opening   $255.00
Remove plugs, pump out antifreeze, install jets, reconnect pack, fill and check for leaks (Includes Stain & Scale, shock).  


**It is best to balance your water and clean your pool prior to closing**  
I/G Basic Winterizing **Customer Lowers Water** $199.00
Remove light, ladder, jets, blow out lines and equipment clear, insert foam cap lines. Parts & Chemicals Extra.  
I/G Deluxe Winterizing   $355.00
A/G Deluxe Winterizing   $295.00
Same as basic plus lower water, install cover and water bags. Includes Winter Omni Chemical Kit and Antifreeze. Parts Extra.  
**Extra Charge to remove leaves from cover, over 2 bags Hourly rate
**If customer lowers the water themselves, they save $25.00!!! (4-6 inches below skimmer)  
**Salt Water Pools Customer Has To Lower**  
Spa Winterizing $255.00
Drain spa, blow in antifreeze through system (Antifreeze included)  
**After Oct 15th additional $100.00 to close spa  

 **Fitted Pool Winter Covers   Extra  $50.00**                                                                                                                         

Outside Perimeter Mileage Charge
(One way only)
Over 30km we will charge an Hourly Rate

**Price subject to change without notice